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FIYTA Technology Center was founded in 2000 and was recognized as an enterprise technology center in Shenzhen at the end of 2002. It has ranked high in the evaluation of enterprise technology centers in Shenzhen. In 2013, FIYTA Technology Center was recognized as a national enterprise technology center by five ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission. In 2014, it was recognized as a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise. In 2019, it established a CNAS accredited laboratory, and was recognized as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise by the State Intellectual Property Office. FIYTA Technology Center has followed the needs of the industry’s development, while promoting mutual development of the enterprise and the industry. By Center has been able to bring out innovation value by formulating an innovative strategy, establishing a system along those lines, implementing technological innovation activities, and forming core technology competitiveness that support the enterprise’s innovation strategy.

In recent years, FIYTA has continued to increase investment in research and development for design and development of movements, manufacturing of key components, R&D and application of new materials, and development of high-end watchmaking process capacity, in its quest for innovations and breakthroughs, and has acquired quite a lot of scientific and technological achievements and independent intellectual property rights. At present, the company has acquired nearly 30 invention patents and more than 100 utility model patents. It has received 24 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. FIYTA has participated in creating and modifying more than half the national and industry standards that have been adopted during this time, and has been involved in the working groups for 6 international standards.

The company’s successful development of special astronautics watches as China’s manned space supporting equipment, has broken the foreign monopoly, making China the second country to develop astronautics watches, and FIYTA the third enterprise with astronautics watch development capability in the world. The company has made outstanding contributions to improve the core technology in China’s watch industry, has greatly enhanced the industry’s international status, and has become an important symbol of Chinese watch brands’ international competitiveness. FIYTA Technology Center has always adopted the open cooperation research model and aims to implement technical cooperation with relevant domestic and overseas technical research institutions.

Industry-University-Research Cooperation

FIYTA Technology Center attaches immense importance to industry-university-research cooperation and maintains good cooperative relations with various well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad through numerous channels and forms. With government support at all levels, FIYTA Technology Center was recognized as the industry-university-research cooperation demonstration base of Guangdong Provincial Ministry of Education – FIYTA Timepiece Technology Demonstration Base, in 2007. Since 2010, it has started the development of FIYTA scientific special commissioner workstation, and has established cooperative research institutions in timepiece technology, smart wearable technology, and material technology with Harbin Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, and SPACEnter Space Science and Technology Institute. FIYTA has promoted the development of the base in a planned manner, be it with respect to system development, operation management, and manpower organization. It has established industry-university-research cooperative relations with 5 colleges and universities and 2 research institutes, has implemented 7 industry-university-research cooperative projects, and made good scientific and technological achievements in industry-university-research cooperation.

E-mail: FIYTAyf@FIYTA.com.cn

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