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Manufacturing Capabilities

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The company has constantly strived to build and improve independent manufacturing capacity. After more than three decades of development and efforts, the company has gradually acquired professional capabilities in structural design, procurement, quality control, production assembly, and technical services for mid- and high-end watches, as well as application and innovation capabilities for new technology and new materials.

In terms of actual product capacity building, the company continues to promote management innovation and technological innovation and has a sound manufacturing management guarantee system. The company has maintained ISO9001 quality system certification, implemented Lean 6δ management, and actively implemented a “Performance Excellence Model”. It won the Quality Award in Nanshan District People's Government of Shenzhen, and was recognized as a master studio, technician workstation and craftsman cultivation demonstration base in Shenzhen.

To fulfill the supply requirements for high-quality watch products, the company has set up a watch manufacturing base in Shenzhen Guangming Time Valley, with a total production area of 6,000 square meters. The entire production area has 6 clean workshops, all of which adopt two-level dust removal and cleaning design. The overall cleanliness reaches 100,000 level, ensuring FIYTA has stable, reliable and high-quality product manufacturing capability.

To serve the multi-brand business within the company, FIYTA has built a multi-level procurement platform and supply chain system to meet the needs of high-, mid-, and low-end products. By integrating the upstream and downstream partner resources of the professional manufacturing value chain, the company leverages the professional capabilities of partners, improves process management capabilities of all parties in the supply chain, and provides customers with fast, high-quality and highly satisfying professional products and services.

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