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Development History

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Professional Development Phase(1987-1993)

FIYTA Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as FIYTA) was born from its predecessor, Flydart Watch Industry Co., Ltd, which was established on Dec 23rd, 1987. During this period, FIYTA launched advertising campaigns to expand the sales networks and enhance brand awareness. The models G/L208、G/L888 were launched that time, and became bestsellers ever since. FIYTA started to adopt corporate operation and collectivize management. In 1993, the name of the company changed into Shenzhen FIYTA Holdings Limited, and FIYTA shares were listed and traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.



Phase of Diversification(1994-2002)

In 1994, due to the impact of macroeconomic adjustment and tight monetary policy, the watch industry faced fiercer competition, and the retail business was also affected. The Board of Directors of FIYTA determined to adjust the operation strategy accordingly. On the basis of developing Fiyta Brand, it started to open chain stores for world famous watch in main cities across China. By 1997, the chain stores were officially named Harmony World Watch Center, and developed into world famous watch retail channel. Apart from retailing business, FIYTA tried to engage in the catering industry, thus Xi’an Royal Food & Entertainment Shopping Mall and other catering enterprises were born. The retail business and catering business became an important supplement to the company’s profit during that time.



Phase of Return to Concentrating On Watch Industry (2003-2008)

In this phase, FIYTA began to make strategic transformation and rebuild the brand according to the economic situation. FIYTA formed the operation guideline “to eliminate the non-main business, and to concentrate on the watch industry” at the beginning of 2003. According to the guideline, FIYTA withdrew from catering and other non-main business, and defined two main business—self-owned watch brands sector & retail-channel sector. FIYTA established the corporate culture: Mission--Concentrating on the watch industry and helping customers to achieve high-quality life; providing development platform for employees and creating investment returns for shareholders. Value—Customer-orientation, Integrity, Cooperation, Learning & Innovation, Speed. Vision-- Building up the International Brand, Becoming A Global Enterprise.



Phase of Whole-value-chain Development (2009 until now)

Guided by the corporate vision “Building up the International Brand, Becoming A Global Enterprise”, FIYTA concentrated on the two main business—self-owned watch brands sector & retail-channel sector. In the self-own watch brands sector, FIYTA has formed the “Pansy (Viola tricolor, a kind of flower whose petal is always in three colors, representing the three types of brand owned by FIYTA) Product Structure”, which is the brand portfolio consisting of Fiyta brand, Emile Chouriet (luxury Swiss brand) and Fashion brands. In the retail-channel sector for the world famous watches, FIYTA has established its wholly-owned subsidiary Harmony World Watch Center, and developed it into the leading brand in world famous watch retail business. FIYTA has constantly consolidated and strengthened the business mode “Product + Channel”, and achieved synergistic development.


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