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Established in 1987, FIYTA Precision Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the main investment subsidiaries of AVIC INTL Shenzhen, a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China. In 1993, FIYTA was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (000026. SZ), becoming one of the first batch of listed companies in Shenzhen and the only listed watch company in China.

FIYTA’s brand strategy and innovation-driven concept focuses on the watch industry with precision manufacturing technology, resulting in two core businesses—its own brand watch R&D, design, manufacture, sales, and service and retail of world famous watches.


For years, our company has worked to create a multi-dimensional brand group ranging from high-end customization, professional aesthetics, oriental culture, fashion design, smart watches, etc. FIYTA has now become a leading watch brand in China and one of the three major aeronautics watch brands in the world. Its brand footprint covers 29 countries and regions including the UK, France, and Australia. With over 3000 retail stores in China, we have ensured that we fully cover the high-end market in first tier cities, and we are now quite popular among people who are known for their excellent taste. In 2011, we were the first international wristwatch brand from China at the Baselworld Hall 1 in Switzerland, where we made our presence felt. In 2017, we became a part of the "China Made" brand plan of the Ministry of Commerce. In 2019, as the only representative brand in the wristwatch industry, FIYTA was included in the list of "70 brands for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China". In addition, our company also owns “MOONYANG”, the first high-end designer brand in China's watch industry, the simple and fashionable “JONAS&VERUS”, the modern expression of oriental aesthetics “Beijing”, and the sports smart brand “Jeep”. This has helped us to form a brand group with different positioning.


Regarding retail channels, FIYTA’s leading domestic watch retail and service channel “Harmony” has nearly 200 boutique retail stores spread across over 60 provinces and cities in China. The retail channel Brand Gallery adapts to the demand of new consumption trends with its brand positioning targeting the mid to high-end market, and has established over 160 stores. Furthermore, thanks to the rapid development of the internet, our company has actively developed e-commerce business in recent years, and entered the mainstream e-commerce platforms, and is exploring the possibilities of smart retail. The company has formed a three-dimensional channel network that covers online, offline, and cross-border networks in China and overseas. Focusing on the watch industry, the company has built an “R&D + Design + Manufacturing” back-end support platform, and is now considered among the top-notch watch making professionals. As of now, the company has 1 national industrial design center, 1 recognized national enterprise technology center, and 2 national high-tech enterprises.

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