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About Technology Center

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FIYTA Technology Center was established in 2000, and was recognized as Shenzhen Municipal Corporate Technology Center at the end of 2002. It has been ranked on top in Shenzhen municipal corporate technology center assessment. In 2013, it was recognized as national corporate technology center by five ministries, including National Development and Reform Commission. In 2014, it was recognized as national technical innovation demonstration enterprise. With the orientation of industrial development demand and the tenet of corporate promotion and industrial common development, FIYTA Technology Center formulates the innovative strategy, constructs the innovative system, and undertakes technical innovative activity, as well as forms the core technical competitiveness, supports corporate innovative strategy and achieves innovative value.


In recent years, FIYTA has realized several breakthroughs and innovations in the basic research of industrial core technology, application technology research and high-end timing product research and manufacture, and obtains a number of scientific and technological achievements and proprietary intellectual property rights. At present, it has authorized 15 patents for invention and 49 patents for utility models. In recent years, it has accumulatively obtained 18 scientific and technological awards from provincial departments or above, supported and participated in formulating and revising more than half of national and industrial standards in the industry at the same term, and accumulatively engaged in 5 international standard workgroups. With the successfully researched and manufactured astronauts dedicated watch of China manned space supporting equipments, FIYTA Company has broken the foreign monopoly, so that China has become the second country which owns space watch, and FIYTA Brand becomes the third enterprise which owns space watch research and manufacture ability in the world as well. It has made outstanding contribution to the core technology of domestic timepiece industry, greatly improved the international position of domestic timepiece industry, and become the important symbol that demonstrates the domestic timepiece brand has international competitiveness. FIYTA Technology Center has upheld the open cooperation research mode, and is willing to undertake technical cooperation with relevant domestic and foreign technical research institutions.



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