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Brand background

Maybe you have not heard of JONAS&VERUS, but if you go deep into it, you will find that, as a new original brand, JONAS&VERUS counts on FIYTA, one of the world's three major spaceflight watch brands.

The spaceflight watch with years of history and glory comes across as being international, classical and straight. While it faces the people born at the end of 1980s and the generation after 1990s who rewrite the era, FIYTA has been considering how to approach their life, how to design the wristwatch favored by the youth, and how to bring better feeling to the young people. For this purpose, FIYTA has spent three years to visit all over the world, communicated with the international independent innovative designers, and sought for design and inspiration. It has attempted to integrate the free creation with the new aesthetic, and finally established JONAS & VERUS. JONAS in JONAS&VERUS is the medieval Christian name, which means the dove of freedom; VERUS represents the doubt on things to create a new truth.


Brand advocacy

JONAS&VERUS brand claims is quite a challenge to the tradition. It commits to advocate the new concept of life, challenges the traditional light luxury concept, and puts forward the attitude of new light luxury. In the view of JONAS&VERUS, light luxury should not be a combination of international brand LOGO and money, but should be able to have the best quality of life without heavy economic pressure. If luxury product is an identity symbol of traditional successful people, the attitude of light luxury should be the life philosophy of young people. To persistently pursue the best life, even if it is misunderstood or labeled inexplicably by the society, we still want to face the world with the best attitude.

In fact, with the simple and outstanding wristwatch design, exquisite detail and craftsmanship, extreme experience promised by the brand and reasonable sale price, JONAS&VERUS also explains its brand position with the product, and redefine the light luxury and the same attitude. JONAS&VERUS hopes to create the wristwatch desired by the youth. In the face of rapidly changing era, to advocate a better lifestyle, JONAS&VERUS makes a voice for the new generation of youth.


Design style

As a newborn brand of international bloodlines, JONAS&VERU has totally different design style from many other brand wristwatches. It challenges the traditional design aesthetics, and attempts to make minimalism and classic balance. It integrates the rituals of traditional business watch with the fashion element of famous watch to get rid of the discipline tires people’s aesthetic, and owns prominent style rather than seeking attention, so as to satisfy the wearing demand in different occasions. The intense and outstanding sense of design is enduring. If FIYTA is likened to be a master who has won great honor for several years internationally, JONAS&VERUS is more like a rising star debuts on the international runway, which owns a living and fashionable face, and is full of its own style either with a tailored suit or loose and leisure T-shirt, and also could not hide the vigorous vitality. If it must define the style, we call it as light design.


JONAS&VERUS has product series with different styles: the simple and fashion series are inspired from new north European style, with clean lines and simple vision rather than supernumerary ornamentation, which exactly forms the unique style; respect series redefines the traditional feeling, which is elegant and handsome and owns the unique business temperament sparked from gold and silver color; sharp series creates the light business design with clean and sharp cut, and emits a kind of inexpressible high-handed aura; the design of knight series originates from new classicism, which is classical and elegant, and reveals the elegant ambience of Medieval nobles; V-sport series is the simple sports style, which was born for sports fancier. The multi-dial timing helps easily manage every minute; My Queen series demonstrates the rococo style with girl’s purification and woman’s tenderness and elegance. All styles of JONAS&VERUS have exactly unique and outstanding features rather than seeking attention.

JONAS&VERUSBusiness Department, FIYTA Sales Co., Ltd.

After-sale service hotline: 400-700-5858 (toll charge free)

Website: www.veruswatch.com


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