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Brand Background

JONAS&VERUS is an original and new brand supported by FIYTA, one of the three major aeronautics watch brands in the world.

The post-90s and post-00s generation are constantly creating new trends and are pioneering in their thinking. In the face of these changing times, how to get close to the young people of these two generations and designing watches they would appreciate and enjoy wearing are questions that FIYTA is constantly looking to answer. For this purpose, a design team that won the Red Dot Award and IF Design Award, finally established JONAS&VERUS, which has embarked on a journey of looking through world art and finding countless inspiration from artists in different countries, as it attempts to integrate simple aesthetics and creative design. JONAS in the JONAS&VERUS, formerly a medieval Christian name, means the dove of freedom, and VERUS stands for skepticism and creation of truth.

Brand Position

JONAS&VERUS is committed to advocating young people to have a “Be yourself” attitude towards life, where they can adhere to their own perspective and aesthetic, and firmly pursue a better life. Even if they are misunderstood and labeled as being inexpressible by society, they still want to face the world with the best attitude. At the same time, JONAS&VERUS brings forth its own perspective on the traditional concept of light luxury, with the notion that light luxury should not be weighed down with major international logos and money. Instead, light luxury should allow people to enjoy the best quality of life without facing heavy economic burden. In fact, JONAS&VERUS with its simple and excellent watch design, exquisite details and production process, brand commitment to the extreme experience, and uninflated sales price, is interpreting its brand position through its products, hoping to create wristwatches that the youth will favor. The brand wants to advocate a better attitude towards life, and speaks for the new generation of young people in the face of rapidly changing time.

Design Style

As a fashionable watch brand, all JONAS&VERUS designs provide more possibility for accessorizing. The simplicity in style and attention to detail goes perfectly with various fashionable dresses, as the brand balances between minimalism and classicism. It combines the sense of ceremony of traditional business watches with trendy elements of fashionable watches, ensuring that there is no more aesthetic fatigue from conventional designs. JONAS&VERUS has a prominent style but it is not out of place, and its strong and excellent design can stand up to scrutiny. If FIYTA is compared to an international master enjoying an excellent reputation, JONAS&VERUS is more like a newcomer on the international stage, with a fresh and fashionable feel. It has its own style and shows dazzling vitality whether it is accessorized with a well-cut suit or a loose-fitting T-shirt.

JONAS&VERUS emphasizes different styles for its product series: JUST FOR ME offers a more aggressive design attitude with its unique square design, simple fashion and hidden edges, while DISCOVER breaks the existing definition as time has been deconstructed and re-imagined, and has been interpreted in a completely different way. MINOR GIRL is inspired by macarons, which are popular favorites of young girls, providing a fresh, simple, and exceptional design that does not feel out of place. It hopes to turn every girl into a MINOR GIRL. Meanwhile, Lumiere interprets the French rococo style, with its mellow, skillful, and elegant design; the clean and visually simple REAL is inspired by the new Nordic style, without unnecessary decoration, and yet creating a unique style. SURGING is a perfect light business design, redefining traditional style, which gets rid of complexity, and offers a return to purity. It powers time with its perpetual motion mechanical movement and creates a bright business style. Each JONAS&VERUS style has a distinctive characteristic and has become the wristwatch favored by numerous celebrities and trendsetters.

FIYTA Sales Co., Ltd.

Address: 18F, FIYTA Science and Technology Building, Gaoxin South 1st Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Customer service hotline in China: 400-700-5858

Website: http://www.jonasverus.com/

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