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In 2018, Sun Lei, the Chief Designer of the company, leveraged the FIYTA platform and founded MOONYANG (Sun Lei’s pen name). It is the first high-end designer brand in China’s watch industry, and a pioneer Chinese wristwatch brand that integrates high-end international watchmaking resources with original design to create a luxury Chinese watch brand.

Sun MoonYang, founder of the MOONYANG brand, has been devoted to designing watches for nearly three decades. With his outstanding talent and endless enthusiasm, he is one of the most senior and stylish watch designers, who is followed diligently by the watchmaking industry in China. He has initiated various design projects, such as major national design projects (China Aeronautics Watch, China Air Force Pilot Watch, China Aircraft Carrier Pilot Watch, etc.), high-end collectible watch projects, futuristic innovative design projects, etc.

Many of his designs have won various awards, including China Industrial Award, China National Appearance Patent Prize, Red Dot Award, Gold Award of Governor Cup Industrial Design Competition, Red Star Award, and dozens of other well-known domestic and overseas design awards. His works have been displayed in the National Museum of China, the Swiss International Watch Museum, and other museums.

Sun MoonYang has always strived to express time innovatively. His aim is to break the clutter, while paying tribute to the classics, designing high-end timepieces with both aesthetic and collectible value in China’s wristwatch field.

The key person involved in crafting the movement of the early MOONYANG products—Arthur King and Xuanyuan Sword-themed wristwatches is Mr. Eric Coudray, who is known as “one of the three most complex movement designers in the world”. MOONYANG applies the concept of moving hour hands to time display. This is a pioneering approach, which makes the actual design and manufacture of the mechanical movement extremely difficult. Since it involves an underlying innovation in mechanical watch technology, there is no prior reference, hence making it a new breakthrough in the industry.


In the history of modern watches, Arthur King and Xuanyuan Sword-themed wristwatches have created a way to express time that differ from the traditional way of telling time in Europe. These watches tell time by the difference in position of the hour hands through the Jumping H Hands movement. As a result, they have redefined the expression of time, triggering a major innovation in the underlying structure of mechanical watches, and naturally they have been hailed as a “revolution of the hour hand” by the international watch industry.

MOONYANG brand has authorized Harmony World Watch Center to conduct omni-channel sales. Harmony World Watch Center also has a complete service center and is the official authorized maintenance center, providing professional and meticulous global guarantee service.

Brand Milestone

2013—Sun MoonYang won the industry’s highest award for conceptual design for his creative sketches.

2018—MOONYANG’s Arthur King conceptual wristwatch received high recognition from domestic and overseas media and garnered a good social reputation with its unique product innovation at its first appearance at the Basel Watch Fair. It is worth mentioning that the official Basel website gave front page coverage for this event, ensuring that the world saw the stunning charm of this original Chinese design.

July 2019—renowned domestic and overseas lifestyle magazines, including Noblesse and Robb Report, published an exclusive interview with Sun MoonYang.

November 2019—at the charity auction dinner of 2019 “Dreams Without Boundary, Gears Towards Future” Share • Love held by Adream Foundation, MOONYANG’s Arthur King wristwatch was sold at a price of RMB 1.3 million, setting a record for the highest auction price for watches and jewelry at the auction.

December 2019—MoonYang’s Arthur King wristwatch won the most authoritative Chinese watch design award—the Blue Light Cup Gold Award. This happened after the watch was screened by an expert panel, and stood out among the various entries.

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