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Since the establishment of FIYTA brand in 1987, FIYTA has continued to leverage precision machining technology that has its origins in aeronautics. The company has interestingly interpreted the artistic exploration of "Flying" into professional and aesthetic watch design, and has gone on to display an extraordinary and progressive spiritual style. As a professional aviation watch brand, FIYTA’s watches serve as a reliable partner for Chinese pilots. Since Shenzhou V, FIYTA has also been a part of China’s space exploration and its manned space missions, and has contributed to accurately recording every glorious moment of Chinese manned spaceflight undertakings.

With sincere ingenuity and precision craftsmanship, as well as relentless pursuit of watchmaking craftsmanship, FIYTA watches embody in-depth study of movement, and are infused with ingenuity and vitality. The brand has successively launched three independently developed movements: Shenzhou VII Aerospace Featured Timing Mechanical Movement, "Flying Wing" Automatic Mechanical Movement, and “Lan Yue” Automatic Mechanical Movement. Along with in-depth study of technical skills, FIYTA watches have excellent design aesthetics. FIYTA is committed towards constantly creating new forms of watches that have artistic sense and are gorgeously detailed, and the beauty of watches comes forth with the attention to detail. FIYTA watches have successively won authoritative design awards and patents, both in China and overseas, e.g. German Red Dot Award, the prestigious Oscar of the Global Industrial Design Circle and the China Industrial Award.

In 2011, based on the simple principles of professionalism and beauty that are common to both, FIYTA watches joined hands with Gao Yuanyuan and appointed her the brand ambassador. Gao Yuanyuan’s intellectual and elegant temperament demonstrates her independent personality, conveying the spiritual proposition that also extends into the brand deeply. In 2019, the brand signed a contract with famous actor Feng Shaofeng, ensuring that the FIYTA watch family was now empowered by the grace of a gentleman. Feng Shaofeng’s focused and balanced temperament, matches the “extraordinary improvement” and “professional skills” of FIYTA watches.

Since 2011, FIYTA watches have been a part of the Baselworld Hall 1 in Switzerland, which is known as "the world’s first watch exhibition". Today, FIYTA’s international brand footprint covers 29 countries and regions including the UK, France, and Australia. There are more than 3,000 boutique retail stores in China. With its unique brand charm, FIYTA watches are popular among people who maintain high standards.

Professional Watchmaking

FIYTA has always adhered to precision machining technology that has its origins in aviation and the in-depth study of movements in the watchmaking field. The company is function oriented, focuses on the application of movements, and infuses ingenuity and vitality into watches. In 2008, FIYTA developed the space-use movement for “Shenzhou VII Extravehicular Spacesuit Watch”, and set up its Swiss headquarters in Geneva, the “Capital of World Watches”, with a focus on research and development. Each step taken by FIYTA represents a unique FIYTA mark.

1飞亚达“神七”多功能计时自动机械机心(Cal.F8761).jpg                2飞亚达“飞翼”自动机械机心(瑞士制造)(Cal.F8791).jpg                    3飞亚达“揽月”月相功能自动机械机心(Cal.F8731-9).jpg

    Cal.F8761                                          Cal.F8791                                              Cal.F8731-9

In addition, FIYTA has been working assiduously for years to develop new materials and apply them in crafting watches, e.g. space reinforced titanium, special alloy steel, Damascus steel, grade 5 titanium, aluminum bronze, etc. All these have been used with an aim to balance function and aesthetics with innovative design.

Aviation Timing

In 2001, FIYTA developed the special watch G710, dedicated for air force pilots. After repeated testing, the watch continues to maintain accurate timing even after drastic changes in temperature and pressure. With the ultra-high shockproof standard of 9 g overload resistance, it has become the perfect watch for air force pilots, and has also laid the aesthetic foundation and technical benchmark for the subsequent Mach series. In 2008, FIYTA watches took another step in the field of aviation precision timekeeping with the GJ088 watch that was worn by marine pilots as they completed many flying missions. In 2013, FIYTA designed a multi-function chronograph watch for pilots of the “J-15” carrier-based aircraft, nicknamed “Flying Shark”, which combined the brand's professional watchmaking technology and design aesthetics, built-in with the brand's independent research and development of Shenzhou VII feature chronograph mechanical movement, and embodied FIYTA’s excellent movement technology.

1千禧年空军表G710.jpg               2歼15.jpg               3歼20.jpg

Originating from professional pilot watches, FIYTA Mach series watches exemplify the combination of FIYTA watch's extraordinary design style and practical functions. The Mach series “J-20” co-branded limited-edition watch is decorated with the unique flying elements of "Air Dragon”. The watch is made of Grade 5 titanium and Damascus steel, and is equipped with a modified Swiss automatic mechanical chronograph movement, to ensure accurate timing. In 2019, a new generation of unmanned drone “Attack-11” was unveiled at the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. FIYTA also launched the “Attack-11” themed Mach series watches, which use advanced aviation technology, applying TA15 titanium alloy in watches, and made another breakthrough in this series of watches. The combination of aviation precision and professional watchmaking epitomizes FIYTA's continuous expression of aviation and flying dreams, while also showcasing the brand's confidence and strength in professional watchmaking.

Aeronautics Watch

Since Shenzhou V, FIYTA aeronautics watch has consistently participated in and witnessed China’s manned space missions, recording every second of exploration accurately.

In 2000, FIYTA emerged from the blind market test of related aerospace departments and started its aeronautics watch design. In 2003, FIYTA “Shenzhou V Aeronautics Watch” accompanied the astronaut Yang Liwei to space and started a journey of space exploration. In the same year, FIYTA Watch was awarded the title of “Special Watch for Chinese Astronauts”.

1神七发射.jpg       3“神舟七号”舱外航天服表-特别珍藏版-04.jpg       4航天系列复刻版.jpg

Since then, our country has experienced major historical moments including the triumph of Shenzhou VI, the first spacewalk of Shenzhou VII, docking of Shenzhou VIII with Tiangong I, the first Chinese female astronaut of Shenzhou IX, the completion of the first space lecture from Shenzhou X, and breakthrough of Shenzhou VII on-orbit flight duration. FIYTA aeronautics watch has consistently participated in and witnessed the success of manned space missions, and has successfully faced every space environment test.

As a chronograph watch that has withstood the rigorous test of space, the FIYTA Aeronautics series brings to fore the brand's professional watchmaking essence. The environment in Space is extremely harsh and precise timing is difficult. Especially during extravehicular missions, the aeronautics watch is exposed to space, and has to experience drastic changes in pressure and temperature, inside and outside the cabin, as well as huge challenges including strong magnetic fields and high radiation. FIYTA Aeronautics Watch breaks through the temperature limit difference between + and –80 °C, features anti-magnetic performance that is 10 times over the national standard, and ensures that 45-minute timekeeping function is met in an innovative manner. With the “AM/PM” design, it solves the dilemma of being unable to distinguish "morning/afternoon" in space. FIYTA Shenzhou VII extravehicular spacesuit watch won the German "Red Dot Product Design Award" in 2010.


FIYTA has always strived to maintain the interpretation of Chinese culture, expression of oriental aesthetics, and inheritance and innovation of traditional craftsmanship. The brand has successfully cooperated with inheritors of intangible cultural heritage to apply traditional techniques such as "double-sided fine embroidery", "fine carving", and "hand-made cloisonne enamel" in its watch designs, using precious materials such as gems and precious metals and engraving totems rich in cultural meaning on the wristwatch, giving the timepiece unique aesthetic value. With profound oriental aesthetics and rare traditional Chinese craftsmanship, FIYTA has brought into full play the high-end watchmaking process creating treasured masterpieces for generations.

1敦煌主题飞天珐琅腕表.jpg       2珐琅工艺过程-手工掐丝.jpg       4珐琅工艺过程-盘面展示.jpg

FIYTA Master Control Series watches are inspiring people's hearts with their ingenuity, as they create a model of oriental aesthetics. In 2019, the brand launched the Dunhuang-themed Master Control series watches. The theme is inspired by Dunhuang art, known as the “art museum of the Eastern world”. Using the vivid murals of flying goddess and volumes of scriptures in the cave, FIYTA has combined hand-made silk cutting enamel craftsmanship with high-level watch making technology, recreating the ultimate piety and imagination that has been around for thousands of years into the watch, and reproducing Dunhuang’s eternal brilliance.

Brand Milestones

1987—FIYTA was established in Shenzhen, China, starting the exploration of their wristwatch journey.

1993—"FIYTA tells the time for you" becomes the memory of a generation.

2001—FIYTA participates in its first show at the Basel Watch Fair held in Switzerland.

2003—with the launch of Shenzhou V, FIYTA aeronautics watch accompanied Yang Liwei on a space fight, becoming a partner in China’s manned space engineering.

2003—Chinese Air Force pilots started to wear FIYTA pilot wristwatches.

2008—accompanied Zhai Zhigang, Shenzhou VII astronaut, and witnessed China’s first spacewalk.

2008—Chinese Navy aviation pilots wore FIYTA pilot wristwatch.

2011—FIYTA had a booth at Baselworld Hall 1, becoming the first wristwatch brand from China to do so.

2013—the first “Award of Moment” brand ceremony was held to interpret how the brand explored time and praised beauty.

2014—FIYTA “Green and Blue Mission” charity program was launched to practice the brand’s social responsibility.

2017—selected for the “China Made” category by the Ministry of Commerce for two consecutive years, becoming the only brand selected from the wristwatch industry.

2018—“Shenzhou VII Extravehicular Spacesuit Watch” won the China Industrial award, known as the Oscars among China’s industrial design circle.

2019—FIYTA joined the list of “70 Brands for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China” as the only representative brand from the wristwatch industry.

FIYTA Sales Co., Ltd.

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