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Beijing Watch was established in June 1958. It is located at Changping, the backyard of Beijing. Over fifty years of great concentration on manufacture of watch, Beijing Watch has successfully researched and developed six series of highly complex movement, including tourbillion, tourbillon-minute repeater, bitourbillion, 3D biax tourbillion, double escapement long travel time, and triaxial 3D bitourbillion. Meanwhile, it is also the watch maker that grasps carving, hollow-out and enamel skills, precious metal processing, and movement finishing technology, as well as completely independent intellectual property right. The high-end wristwatch of Beijing Brand has the design inspiration and making process that come from the accumulation of experience in watch making. Its cultural creativity is rooted in the oriental culture and presents by the small wristwatch, which continuously explores the supreme timepiece technology and challenges the technological limits.


• In September 1958, Beijing Watch developed the first batch of 17 watches and named them Beijing brand. .


• In March 1970, national mechanical watch unified movement design group was established in Beijing Watch Factory, to design the most influential unified movement in China timepiece industry. With advanced equipments and excellent technical production ability, Beijing Watch has provided outstanding platform for the design of unified movement.


• In 1974, the first batch of SZ1A unified movement watch was successfully trial-manufactured in Beijing Watch, which laid an important position for Beijing Watch in Chinese wristwatch history.

• Since 1996, it has cultivated two Chinese mechanical watch movement design master and Chinese mechanical watch movement manufacture master.


In 1996, Beijing Watch successfully researched and manufactured the first Tourbillon in China Mainland. For the distinct cultural theme of product, it was named as Oriental Tourbillon by Mr. Zhong Yonglin, the timepiece collection master.


•In 2006, Beijing Tourbillon Platinum diamond watch, namely Dragon & Phoenix, was displayed in BaselWorld. The wristwatch represents dragons flying and phoenixes dancing, the most auspicious sign in Chinese ancient legend, with extremely skillful graver. At the same year, such watch was collected by RMB one million and become the unprecedented masterpiece among Chinese watches.  


Address: Dongguan Road, Changping District, Beijing

After-sale service hotline: 010-69742671

Website:  www.bjwaf.com

E-mail: bbb@bjwaf.com



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