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Brand Establishment

Founded in 1958, “Beijing” has focused on complex movement manufacture and high-end watch customization for more than five decades, and has been constantly promoting the brand’s progress and development. Beijing has independently developed seven highly complex movements, including flying tourbillon, double flying tourbillon, biaxial three-dimensional tourbillon, biaxial three-dimensional double tourbillon, minute repeater tourbillon, double escapement tourbillon, and ultrathin tourbillon. It has also mastered various advanced watchmaking processes, including inlay, enamel, embroidery, micro carving, gold carving, hollow-out, and fine decoration, and integrates exquisite craftsmanship into a cultural context.

The design inspiration and manufacturing process of Beijing advanced wristwatches comes from experience in watchmaking and devotion to the modern expression of oriental aesthetics, and this is reflected in the wristwatches. It constantly explores the supremacy of watch technology, and challenges technological limits.

Brand Milestone

1958—Beijing Watch Factory preparation and construction office was established, and 21 watchmakers created the Beijing brand.

1958—17 “SB-1” watches were launched and named “Beijing”, which were the epoch-making representative works of Beijing watch.

1973—the most influential mechanical watches in China’s watch industry adopted uniform movement; the movement was developed successfully and put into production.

1990—“DOUBLE ERHOMB” brand watches produced by Beijing Watch Factory accompanied Chinese, American, and Soviet mountaineering teams as they climbed Mount Qomolangma. 

1996—Beijing Watch successfully developed 3 tourbillon prototypes named TB95.

2004—Beijing Watch first launched Red Gold Limited Edition tourbillon watch. This was the first time a Chinese brand had produced and sold premium watches.

2005—Beijing Zhonghua tourbillon platinum watch and the platinum Benyue watch were released in limited quantities, which were the first platinum watch of the Chinese brand.

2008—Beijing minute repeater tourbillon watch was unveiled at the Basel Watch Fair. It has 351 components, making it the most complex wristwatch in China.

2013—Beijing Watch successfully developed China’s first triaxial three-dimensional double tourbillon – “Wuji”, which is a tribute to the 55th anniversary of Beijing’s devotion to watchmaking.

2015—Beijing Watch launched ultrathin tourbillon movement TB10, with movement thickness reduced to 2.9 mm and operating time increased to 80 hours.

Shiyuhui Boutique (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Address: 18F, FIYTA Science and Technology Building, Gaoxin South 1st Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Tel: 0755-86013937

E-mail: beijing-watch@FIYTA.com.cn

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