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Brand ambassador Feng Shaofeng joins “FIYTA’s Brand Adventure Journey”

2019-06-29 01:53:25

代言人冯绍峰 (2).jpg

On June 28th, FIYTA’s brand ambassador Feng Shaofeng attended “FIYTA’s Brand Adventure Journey” event, along with the company’s management committee and brand leaders. Feng Shaofeng visited FIYTA’s wristwatch world and experienced the professional watchmaking technology, exquisite aesthetics, and extraordinary charm of timepieces.

During “FIYTA’s Brand Adventure Journey”, Feng learned about FIYTA’s outstanding history since its inception in 1987. He saw classic works of FIYTA created during different periods, including the Aeronautics Collection and Mach Collection representing the essence of watchmaking, Mastercraft Collection representing oriental aesthetics and cultural confidence, and the Klover Collection, which perfectly integrates original design and fashion elements. Feng also got to see the complete process of how wristwatches are created and assembled.

代言人冯绍峰 首页 (3)_meitu_9.jpg

As a professional actor, Feng was touched by FIYTA’s dedication and persistence over the years, and admires FIYTA’s enthusiasm and vision for the future. Crafting watches and seeking a balance between classics and innovation, FIYTA has carried forward an aviation and aerospace and profound wristwatch culture, telling a legendary story about watchmaking through a visual feast.

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