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FIYTA joins CWCF and announces new brand ambassador—Feng Shaofeng

2019-06-21 01:25:41

On June 20th, the 30th China Watch & Clock Fair (CWCF) had a grand opening at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. FIYTA joined CWCF and showcased the FIYTA, MOONYANG, JONAS&VERUS, Beijing Watch and Jeep brands, attracting a lot of attention thanks to its uniquely designed pavilion and fabulous new products. It was an ultimate aesthetic experience for watch aficionados.

2019深圳钟表展-飞亚达 (3)_meitu_2.jpg

The launch of the aviation and aerospace-based “FIYTA Space Station” theme, took visitors on a breathtaking “flying” journey. The pavilion adopted classical oriental elements of Dunhuang frescoes to recreate scenes of astronauts coming out of a spaceship, and presented a wonderful and multi-dimensional wristwatch world based on oriental aesthetics, aeronautics technology, modern fashion and auspicious connotations.

2019深圳钟表展-飞亚达 (4).jpg

During the exhibition, FIYTA revealed its new brand ambassador—Feng Shaofeng. Whether it be in his movies and TV shows, or in personal style, Feng presents an image of an absolute gentleman, poised calmly in front of any storm, which is completely in line with FIYTA’s brand spirit. With the new brand ambassador, Feng Shaofeng, and along with Gao Yuanyuan, FIYTA has created a balanced yet powerful brand image, and has created more possibilities for the brand’s “adventure journey”.

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