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Gala opening of FIYTA MixC Flagship Store

2019-05-30 01:39:49

FIYTA’s flagship store was recently opened at MixC. The new store covers an area of 32 m2, and is located at the MixC, the most popular high-fashion destination in Shenzhen. The youthful, innovative, fashionable and open shopping environment presents a new brand image to consumers.

FIYTA’s MixC store follows the brand’s exploration and passion of aviation, and adopts a high-quality minimalist design inspired by a “fairy tale in the air”. In addition, it adopts elements of the “J-20” co-branded wristwatch from the Mach Collection, and has a themed design for the display window and background wall. The display window adopts specially treated glazed glass that presents a gradually-changing pure white visual effect, and ignites people’s imagination with the imposing J-20 model flying high above the clouds.



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