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The Company Officially Released the First Jewelry Brand - SENSY

2018-09-30 06:22:04

On September 9, the company's first jewelry brand SENSY was officially released, and launched its first series - "Fantasy Tea Party." SENSY is “Sense of Joy”, and every piece of ornament is full of fun. With the business philosophy of “Forever Girl”, the brand is aimed at the young professional ladies. It aims to meet the micro personal needs of professional ladies' daily commutation and leisure through unique and interesting design.



Adhering to the design philosophy of “ONE STORY, ONE COLLECTION”, each series established by the brand will describe an interesting story. For the first series of SENSY-"Wonderland Tea-party Fantasy Tea Party," its design inspiration comes from the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Each piece of ornament in the series is linked with the characters in Wonderland, such as the smile cat, the hatter, Mr. rabbit, the poker player, etc., to interpret the classic fairy tale from a unique perspective. The overall style is young and stylish, and the everywhere contains ingenuity of design. At present, the "Wonderland Tea-party Fantasy Tea Party" series of ornaments have been on sale at CROSSTIME, Tmall, Vipshop and other platforms.






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