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Lin Youjia Was Presented on a Launch Conference of FIYTA "Time Trace" Stars Sharing Session

2018-09-30 06:06:14

On September 7, FIYTA invited the brand friend’s Lin Youjia to attend the FIYTA Time Trace· Jingdong Stars Sharing Session. At the scene, Lin Youjia had close interaction exchange with his fans -"Jia Members".



During the activity, Lin Youjia traced back his "Time Trace". The song "Cruel Moonlight" produced in those years showed his potential as a singer. Since then, he has always mastered his own rhythm, kept pure and insisted on his original intention. “Pursue the distant place because of dreams”, Lin Youjia performed the FIYTA Trace Series’ fascination and attraction of “trace time stamps and walks with dreams”.

压缩版本 (2).jpg

In the activity, there were some interactive links specially designed for the fans coming from afar. There were continued laughter, and the atmosphere was very hot. The fans commented on Lin Youjia's fashion mix, expressed their love for FIYTA watches, and tried on the coat the watches.

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