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FIYTA invited Gao Yuanyuan to release the new ladies watch, Charming Series

2018-07-01 02:35:54

On May 2nd, FIYTA united vip.com launched a new product release conference on “Only love can express yourself as the time flows”. The FIYTA brand spokesperson, the “National Goddess” Gao Yuanyuan came to the conference and released the ladies watch, Charming Series together with the guests present.


The scene arrangement of the conference was dominated by the time element, and it was equipped with the interactive space of tie-dye art, revealing FIYTA’s strong enthusiasm and action for folk art and public welfare. The spokesperson Gao Yuanyuan wore a white dress, and was decorated with the new Charming Series watch. The elegant and simple design fits well with Gao Yuanyuan’s gentle and restrained temperament. She also shared her feelings and ideas about fashion and charity, and prepared exquisite gifts for the guests on the scene, which pushed the event to reach its climax.

The Charming series is one of the main ladies watch series of FIYTA E-commerce this year, which has elegant design in overall. The three-dimensional pattern of the dial is exquisite and elegant, which fits well with the three time points, “3,6,9”, so it is easy to recognize the time. The rose golden case is simple but attractive, and the bezel is embellished with synthetic cubic zirconia, which is eye-catching.


In addition, FIYTA and vip.com will duly sign a strategic cooperation agreement on the day of the event, and announce that FIYTA will become a strategic cooperation brand of  vip.com. In the future, FIYTA will strive to achieve deep resources sharing with vip.com in different dimensions, such as public welfare, media and channels.

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