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Company Changed its Name Officially

2020-01-11 03:49:33

On January 10th, the company announced the change of its name from FIYTA HOLDINGS LTD. to FIYTA Precision Technology Co., Ltd. The stock abbreviation for the A Share changed from FIYTA A to FIYTA, while the stock abbreviation for the B Share and stock codes for A and B Shares remain unchanged.

FIYTA changed its name to reflect its core business and professional capabilities more accurately, and more clearly convey its development strategy.

In future, the company plans to increase efforts in independent movement design and development, key component manufacturing, material R&D and application, and high-end watchmaking process capacity building. It plans to increase R&D technology investment to form the core technology advantage, while shortening the gap with the global advanced level. In addition, leveraging the core capabilities of precision science and technology, the company will extend and expand precision science and technology business and smart wearable business to cultivate new business growth points.

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