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FIYTA Dream Center Had New Member

2015-10-23 05:45:51

On October 23, the plaque of FIYTA Dream Center officially hung on Central Primary School, Longtian Town, Xingning, Meizhou, Guangdong, which indicated that the 8th dream center of FIYTA officially put into operation, and FIYTA public welfare family had another new member.

On the same day, Chen Libin, Secretary of Company Party Committee led 3 volunteers to come to Longtian Central Primary School to witness the launch of dream center with the school teachers and students.



A classroom: Make student become the main character

When we enter into the dream classroom in Longtian Central Primary School covering an area of 80 square meters, we could obviously feel that this classroom was different from the ordinary classroom. There was colorful wall, open bookcase with various kids’ books, and a projector that replaced the traditional blackboard. The teacher could show the course content in several forms. The square desk may make the children sit around, and the low platform made the teacher to not to be the leader in the class. There was a small switch in the middle of each desk. The children could not wait to open it once they found it. There were 4 tablet PCs in it, and it was the first time for some children to see the tablet PC, thus it was hard to conceal the excited smile on their faces. The originally quiet classroom suddenly became lively. The design of classroom in the dream center focused on the equal exchange, to motivate the students’ idea, and make the students expand vision in the modern and active environment, and also respect the knowledge and enjoy the study.

In the launch ceremony of FIYTA Dream Center, Chen Libin, Secretary of the company Party Committee, and Principal of Longtian Central Primary School unveiled the donation plaque of dream center. Then the company participants and children had a dream course with the theme of acquaintance of city, and the children were really interested in the fascinating course. The teachers trained by the dream center firstly informed the course discipline to the students in an interesting form, and then asked the students to do the class assignment in a group. The teacher in the class turned to be the supporting part, and the student became the main character. The whole course was mainly given in the way of student group discussion and representation, which not only made the student actively involve, but also let them know about the importance of teamwork.



A launch: Sound the trumpet to inspire dream

After the dream courses are finished, GM Chen, Principal of Adream South China Area and school teachers researched and discussed the further operation of Adream, to ensure the dream center could really inspire the dream of students from Longtian Central Primary School.

In the dream center teacher training, in November this year, Adream undertook comprehensive training for all teachers in the school to change the teacher’s teaching concept, and then selected to train 10 to 20 teachers through school on account of dream courses. In the next first half year, it would select a group of seeded teachers to accept the further instruction from Adream. In addition, to transmit the teaching practice concept among teachers, Adream also would organize teachers from Meizhou for exchange, research and discussion.

Regarding to the course setting of dream center, thirty distinctive courses would be included in the teacher’s training system, including finance course and going the distance, with the aim to improve the children to have independent thinking ability, public sharing ability, motivate the study and innovation ability, and cultivate the information quality and skills.

Longtian Central Primary School will selectively begin the class based on the children’s age and teaching conditions. The school indicated that, it would support for the course of new dream center from several aspects, and normalize the dream courses. Adream dispatched the volunteers to pay a return visit to the school by semester, urged the dream center for teaching. GM Chen also indicated that, the company would continuously concern the later operation of dream center, and involve more with the combination of actual condition.



A concept: reach a multilateral consensus

FIYTA Dream Center is a project constructed by the company, Adream and school under construction and contributed by the company. Adream is responsible for operation and management support, and the school is responsible for use management and daily maintenance, with the common dream to provide a unique quality education improvement platform for the students at school.

In the launch ceremony of Dream Center, GM Chen said that, as a state-owned listed company, FIYTA would continuously engage in the public welfare business, carry out social responsibilities, and assist children to fulfill their dream. He also hoped that, under the assistance of FIYTA, more children could have better future. Zeng Jibo, Deputy President of Longtian Middle School also expressed his appreciation to FIYTA subsidization. He indicated that, the teaching concept advocated by Adream was that lacked and desired by Longtian Central Primary School, and Dream Center occupied a very important position in the school. They not only arranged more high-quality teachers to study the advanced education concept, but also adhered to improve the internal study among teachers. In the future, they would commit to change the teaching concept and make the students feel the power of dream center depending on the dream center.

Public welfare is neither the simple generous in aiding needy nor pity and charity to the weaker. The public welfare should be the enlightenment and assistance offered to help the people who want to make progress and do good returns get rid of the environmental constraints. The company selects to cooperate with Adream to assist to improve the basic education in the underdevelopment area, so that the children in the remote rural area and kids of urban farmer workers could explore broader world and more possibility of life based on the awakening of self-consciousness.



Along the way: adhere to contribute to the education public welfare

Since the company officially cooperated with Adream in 2012, the company has supported the public welfare projects of dream center in the way of donation annually. Up to now, the company has set up 8 dream centers with Adream, of which 6 centers in Guiyang, Qingdao, Xiamen, Chifeng, Dingxi and Xingning had title sponsorship, and 2 dream centers in Yihun and Huangshi were sponsored for construction with joint naming.

A small FIYTA Dream Center bears a number of teachers and students’ dream and all FIYTa people’s compassion. The teachers accept dream course training herein could bring the truth, integrity, fairness, friendship and curiosity to the classroom and children through standardized multi-media library and quality education courses, to make them have opportunity to be a dream-seeker with pursuit of truth and love.

In the future, the company also will do its small part to improve the students’ quality education, and continuously increase FIYTA Dream Center. Under the precondition to ensure the efficient operation of original dream center, it will invest to construct 2 dream centers with exclusive naming annually. In addition, the company also will raise the donation through charity auction, jointly name the dream center, and further increase the centers, to make more school children benefited by the dream course, and study and grow up in FIYTA Dream Center. We believe that, from the beginning dream center to the future, our public welfare also will be turned from a seed to be the tree with branch and even the thick tree.

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