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FIYTA was Re-elected to be Shenzhen Top Hundred Enterprise

2015-10-15 05:44:25

On October 15, the name list of Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprises organized by Shenzhen Enterprise Association was released. With the powerful strength, outstanding achievement and good corporate image and social influence, FIYTA was successfully selected at the 68th position. It was made statistics that, the company has been selected to be one of Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprises for 7 times.

Since 2003, according to the international practice, with the model of China Top 500 Enterprises held by China Enterprise Association, Shenzhen Enterprise Association makes rank for Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprises. The rank complies with international practical rules, and the participating enterprises are registered in Shenzhen. The main indicators include business revenue (or turnover), tax income, net profit, owner’s equity, total assets, research and development expense and employees, and the finalist indicator of top hundred enterprises relies on business revenue (or turnover). In 2015, 391 enterprises involving IT, fiancé, real estate and manufacture industries participated in the application, and the involvement in the top hundred enterprises indicated that the comprehensive strength and scale of the company had higher development level.

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